What a Scottish Summer

What a Scottish Summer

What a Scottish Summer it’s been, and I’m not talking about the weather. The summer months have been busy with book launch, talks, and visits to local country fairs. This weekend was the long-established Rannoch Highland Gathering. It took place on 19th August in Kinloch Rannoch at Weller Poley Park. I took my phone with me, and left my big camera at home. It’s always nice to enjoy the event without thinking too much about photography. However it was a feast for the eyes and the phone camera lens!

Scottish Summer events to keep the diary busy

The highland gathering includes a gruelling hill race up to the top of Craig Varr (1200ft) and back down to the gathering. The runner in blue started out strong and finished in first place. The gathering is a very popular local event. It attracts visitors from all over the world. The afternoon is full of entertainment from pipe bands, highland dancing competitions, running, and lots of traditional events like shot putt, tossing the caber, and the sheaf toss. The games ended on the very popular tug-o-war where the north and south sides of the Loch (Rannoch) compete.

What a Summer

What a Scottish summer for weather. We were blessed with very light rain showers passing through and lots of sunshine. Pleasant weather is always a blessing in outdoor events in Scotland. The ground was firm and there were no issues with cars leaving the field parking adjacent to the games field. For only £5 per adult, and it’s a great afternoon and definitely not to be missed.