Stock images and phone photos

Stock images and phone photos

Stock images and phone photos. Most people have Smartphones these days, and with all the latest technology crammed into them, they make photography possible easy. Our phones are in constant use, and with a good signal (not guaranteed in the countryside!) or wi-fi, you can upload your photo to social media or store it in an album or the cloud for future use.

Phone photos

There is no doubt about it, Smartphone technology is amazing, and the photos you can create with your phone’s camera are impressive. Phone camera photos look great because the phone adjusts the various aspects of the image. Most phone cameras automatically add contrast, saturation, and maybe skin softening and background blur. Not forgetting, the infinite range of filters and effects you can add in, the scope is endless. Conveniently, you will have your phone in a pocket or bag, so you are only ever a few clicks from taking photos.

Stock images

There are hundreds of top quality stock photo websites full of professional photos for every subject imaginable. You can buy and download one photo or hundreds, the choice is yours. To save you money, buying one or two images may work out cheaper than hiring a photographer. Perhaps seeking out free stock images is an option. Everyone and anyone can buy stock images – the exact same images you bought and used on your website – and they can use them on their website. Popular images can be found on all sorts of websites, again, and again, and again..

Professional photography for your business

A professional photographer will work with you to create images for your business. These images will be authentic, and will represent your business in a way a general stock image won’t. Often customers and website visitors will sense a stock image right away due to it’s unrealistic lighting. Perhaps it’s unnatural looking, and misleading. There’s no ‘you’ in stock images. Working with a professional photographer will provide you with true and authentic images aligned to you and your business. The images will bond together and align with your content, and your business ethos.

Tip: take a camera with you on a walk, and leave your phone at home.