Spring Equinox is here

Spring Equinox is here

Spring Equinox is here. We celebrate the Spring Equinox today, March 20th. The sun sits vertically above the equator, which means it’s almost equal day and night everywhere on the planet. Our days get longer and the darkness of the nights become shorter. The light is great for outdoors activities and photography.

Spring Equinox 2023

There is something magical about the spring light, especially early mornings at sunrise and at sunset. The birdsong is different, and birds and animals are active preparing to bring their young into the world. One of the most rewarding sights has to be the red squirrels. Feasting on peanuts and hazelnuts, in the March morning light, makes for great spring equinox photographs.

Equinox celebration

One way of celebrating this Equinox is spending time outdoors. Wildlife study or photography is a great way of making the most of this. You don’t have to go far, just find a quiet spot, stay still and quiet and wait. If you are in woodland, you’ll see a variety of birds, and possibly bigger wildlife, anything from wood mice to red deer is possible especially so on country estates, as they support a wide range of wildlife.