Rural life and Pitlochry Theatre

Rural life and Pitlochry Theatre

Rural life and Pitlochry Theatre. A night at the theatre is a much looked forward to event. One aspect of rural life is not being within walking distance of local amenities such as a theatre. Our nearest is Pitlochry theatre, it’s approximately an hour or more away. With no public transport available, driving is the only option to get there.

Rural life needs theatre!

A night in the theatre is a treat! Sit back and watch as tantalisingly talented performers entertain, inspire and amuse. There is a wide selection of events throughout the year, and on a mission to get out more, the theatre’s programme ticks the boxes. A night at the theatre provides an opportunity to escape: it takes you away from your day to day routine, it transports you to another place. Last night’s performance from Blythe Jandoo in The Maggie Wall was heartfelt, and haunting. Within seconds, the audience was transported back to a time when women in Scotland were persecuted and killed.

The Maggie Wall at Pitlochry Theatre

Looking back into the archives on an old blog, I visited the Maggie Wall monument in 2010. Some thirteen years on, I can still recall the visit: the striking monument and feeling the horror at how women like Maggie must have suffered. If you delve into the history of the monument it has a story and it isn’t about Maggie Wall. Why? Apparently, she didn’t exist. The mystery of ‘Maggie Wall burnt here 1657 as a witch’ continues today. Go and visit, the stories don’t detract from the intrigue still alive today.

Rural Life and Pitlochry Theatre

I think rural life needs to mixed up from time to time, and a trip into Pitlochry theatre can do that. If you are feeling in need of an extra dash of exuberance (you are worth it!), visit Fonab Castle Hotel. It is only few minutes walk from the theatre and you can book yourself in for a night. We drove home. As an additional treat to an excellent evening, we enjoyed a beautiful sky as the sun set over Loch Rannoch. A rural idyll!

Rural Life and Pitlochry Theatre, and the view on the way home of the sun setting over Loch Rannoch.