Right time right place

Right time right place

Right time, right place is a sweet spot for photographers. With most photography, there is a perfect moment waiting to be captured. Everything aligns, the light is beautiful, the subject: animal or human, is in the right spot, and the composition flows. There is a moment of magic when the photographer clicks the shutter and creates an eye-catching image.

Right time right place for photography

With experience and a good eye, you can increase the likelihood of being in the magical place. It is where you need to be, although there is also the wildcard of luck. If you know your subject, and are able to predict or get a sense of what is likely to happen next then your timing will be far superior to the novice. Knowing your subject matter is essential, especially when it comes to wildlife where you have little control over what happens next. When photographing humans you can create poses and plan the composition unless you work in fast-moving sectors like news or sport. However, wildlife is exactly that – wild; in a natural state.

The natural magic of light

If you are used to outdoor and wildlife photography you will no doubt have your favourites. Your favourite locations, times of day and also special times during the seasons. The light is an ever-changing thing, and it is worth understanding natural light to make it work for your photography, some great tips here. The best way to optimise your chances is to build your knowledge of your subject. That’s when experts in their given subjects can help your business, because their shared knowledge benefits your business reputation and builds trust.

Today’s image was taken early evening after a heavy April downpour. The sun came out from behind the clouds as a young stag shook himself. The stag shaking the water from his fur created a wonderful spray.