Building new networks

Building new networks

Building new networks. We’ve gone through tough times and we are still navigating through a difficult patch. It’s February 2023, post Pandemic, and we are mostly back to being fully operational but there appears to be a difference in the way we are functioning in working life.

The office before computers

If you are like me, in your 50s, you may remember early working life did not involve computers. Any business contacts you made were created through telephone calls and face to face meetings. We used Filofaxes, diaries and when mobile phones were in mainstream use, we were able to make voice calls and send basic text messages. We called customers, and booked appointments then travelled to see them face to face.

Looking back to look ahead

I’m not talking 50 – 60 years ago, this was happening in the early 1990s. Fast forward, and the advancement of technology has changed with way we live our lives and how we work. The Pandemic forced us all into utilising technology to the full as it was our only way to contact our family, friends, colleagues and customers. Now we are post-pandemic and face to face contact has resumed. However, the convenience of technology still reigns across our lives: a Zoom meeting from your home office desk on a gloomy winter’s day is easier than getting in your car and driving to a meeting location. All the convenience of taking part, and being present without leaving the house – what’s not to love? Well, the basic human need for real contact. Face to face rather than screen to screen. Do you miss human contact in today’s techno driven world? I do.

Looking ahead and building new networks

The Bothy Rural Business Network is my way of restoring face to face contact for self employed, sole traders and small business working in rural and remote Scotland. Plans are being made. Stay tuned for more information..