Knowing your business content

Knowing your business content

Knowing your business content. We live in a content driven world that’s accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The world is content hungry, and with its voracious appetite the need for fresh content is ever-present. So how do you get your business noticed in the ever-expanding world?

Do you know what content you should have?

If you have created and built your business website you will no doubt appreciate how much work goes into filling it with the right sort of content. Your knowledge about your product and services will be vast so you’ll definitely want your online and offline content to reflect this. If you are engaging the services of a writer and/or a photographer to help with your content, you’ll also want them to know their stuff too. Together you can pool your knowledge and create powerful, attractive content.

Your business content

An experienced countryside writer and photographer writes about rural topics, and photographs the landscape, and wildlife. They have working knowledge of the countryside, and can identify key features, species and season indicators. With this platform of knowledge they can ably assist other rural businesses with their content. The starting place is love, the love of the countryside and all things rural.

Today’s countryside photograph

My love of the countryside is a constant, and has been throughout my life. We went for a walk in the hills at the weekend. It was bitterly cold with snow blowing through yet conditions were ideal for walking. We filled our lungs with clean, cool air and enjoyed a picnic lunch sat by a burn (Scottish for small river). We didn’t linger before we packed our flask into the rucksack and headed back home.